Welcome to the LINK Registry

The LINK Registry is a searchable database of pregnancy and birth cohort studies from around the world. Our goal is to promote collaboration among researchers by sharing information on participant population, biospecimens and data collected in different studies and information about planned studies.

If your study includes the collection of biospecimens or data from women, their children and families, we encourage you to register your study—no study is too small. If you are planning a study that involves pregnant women, their children or families, please register your study. For future studies, only brief information is collected as this is not a clinical trials registration site. The more studies entered into LINK, the greater the chance that researchers will find matches in their interest areas.

To enter a study into the LINK Registry

To enter a study will take about 30-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of the study. Register to enter a study and a log in will be sent within 24 hours. Further information on how to register your study will be available when you log in.

To search

Click on search criteria in the search panel on the left. More specific search criteria become visible if requested.

To retrieve information about a study

For each study, an overview summary is available by clicking on the name of a study in the list of studies. For registered users, a more detailed summary of information (including definitions of outcomes, ethics, specimen types and processing) is available. Study protocols or SOPs may also be available. Registration requires confirmation of your affiliation to a study or organization and will take up to 48 hours.

About the LINK Registry

This Registry was developed after a meeting in Seattle in 2010, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control, which brought together researchers with the intent to accelerate research in preterm birth. A key outcome was the need to share information about current studies and this led to the development of the LINK Registry.

Our hope is that the LINK Registry will foster new collaborations among investigators across studies and settings, to facilitate new research and improve maternal, fetal, and newborn health outcomes globally. This registry was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

If you identify problems using the LINK Registry, please contact Administrator.